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Pro Services


Bringing you the best of Rungis and exclusive services

Our on-site meat, fish, cheese and vegetables shops and preparation facilities, source their products directly from the best growers in Europe and suppliers at Rungis, the legendary worl's largest wholesale market for fresh food!

They also offer you a range of services allowing you to save time in cooking or production:

Everything is implemented so that you receive a product ready to work!


Need to buy in small volumes?

Most of our products are sold by signe unit.

We group your orders! With a catalogue of over 12,000 different products, Le Delas is unique at Rungis: under one roof you will find dry goods, spices, meat and poultry, fruit and vegetables, seafood, wine, cheese, delicatessen and gourmet foods. And it is all available in any quantity, from entire pallets to single units.

Need product advice or help with wine?

Our Consultant Chef and Sommelier are here to help.


Quality: Our number one priority

In addition to selecting our suppliers based on the quality of their products, we also require them to complete a detailed questionnaire to ensure compliance with not only our in-house standards but also French and European regulations. In particular, we require HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) plans from all our suppliers.

Because we share your passion for fine foods and irreproachable quality, we work with only the best suppliers. We personally select them based on the strictest quality and sanitary criteria. Then we regularly visit them, continually tasting and sampling their goods to ensure they meet your requirements.

Le Delas has a cutting-edge traceability system. It provides full traceability of finished goods from supplier to whole-sale customer, and animal-level traceability for fresh meat. We also provide batch traceability for seafood as well as fruit and vegetables. Traceability records are available to customers upon request.


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